unfortunately,due to unavoidable circumstances,i will be deleting my blog,plz remove our batches,had fun with you all,bye,sorry, inconvenience deeply regretted

auto droping websites will change automatically.......u just sit and drop.....also have a look at the content

Friday, March 18, 2011

*********************ENJOY AND DROP!*********************

born-to-drop does not support adsense sites...plz do not copy code if your site has adsense

new website will load automatically.....w8 for around.10 sec.

if u find the content interesting just click on the post title.or scroll below to see listed sites

Get included in the rotating drops now!!free*

*-limited submissions

Fill out my form!.here or email me (shrenuj007@gmail.com)

how to get into the automatic dropz list?

just copy the code in ur site...and notify me by the form or e-mail me [shrenuj007@gmail.com] or use the cbox below

will u really block my ip adress if i only drop and do not watch the conetent...how?

we are experts..we will not allow people to drop only,but also have a look at the content

i find the content interesting how can i stop the cycle?

just click on the title of the post u find interesting!
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